Do My Data

We help make sense of your data.

- What's your data telling you?

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Do My Data

What we do
Data Integrity Verification
Data Quality Analysis
Data Cleansing
Data Analysis
Visual Analytics
Power BI, Tableau
Automated Scheduled Reports
Live Refreshable Reports
CRM - Customer Info'n Mgmt.
Data Import / Export
Data Solutions
MS Access & MS Excel
Computer Consulting
and more ...

Do My Data

What we assist you with
Sales Forecasts
Sales Analysis
Account Performance
Inventory Analysis
Financial Analysis
Technical Training
ERP systems
Data Processing & Reports
Secure Remote data Access
and more ...

Do My Data

We also help you to
Uncover Trends in Business Performance
Monitor Performance In Real Time
Create Detailed Reports for clearer insight 
Support complex analyses 
Provide critical decision support
Make strategic and tactical decisions
Provide variety of analytical insight
and so much more ...


"Do My Data has been a valuable asset for our company for many years. They assist in creating reports, working with company and website data, running pricing comparison analysis and upgrading PC software. They are highly experienced and do great work in a friendly and efficient manner."

* This customer rated Do My Data highly for work quality, professionalism, responsiveness, punctuality, and value.

Andrew R. / RP Electronics

"I have always been impressed at the speed and accuracy at which they work at solving complex problems." 

Ron Smith / St. Clair Entertainment

"Do My Data's quick solutions continually amaze us. They're able to clean our data very well so that we can see accurate and valuable information which was quite hidden before. I highly recommend them as a professional, friendly, and discreet company who really know their stuff!"

Data Analyst / IT Manager

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